Web Gem Network - At a Glance

For an entrepreneur, the decisions that need to be made about websites can be confusing - even nerve wracking. There are so many questions to be answered about what kind of website is right - an e-commerce site? A catalogue/portfolio site? A static, information-only site? How to drive traffic to the site? How to convert viewers to buyers or clients? There is so much contradictory advice - whatís a person to do?

Web Gem Network is the answer.

Whether you are a product-based business wanting to launch an online store; a service provider wanting to give potential clients a place to find you and learn about your services - and read your blog; an artist or designer wanting to set up an accessible online catalogue or portfolio; a business with an existing website that isnít satisfying - or any of the above, Web Gem Network has the solutions for you. And, in an increasingly complicated and confusing whirl of new technology, Web Gem keeps it simple, functional and successful.

WebGem Network Now

WebGem Network offers a full range of web solutions and services for any size business that encompasses state of the art hosting; easy to use, affordable website templates; a full range of e-commerce services including online store templates, merchant setups, payment gateways, shopping carts and more; a full range of custom website development solutions including logo and site design and custom functionality - and more. Web Gem sites are quick to load, highly searchable, have intuitive navigation and are built with easy, back-end administration that makes your online business life a snap.

Once your site is up and running, Web Gem continues to help you be a huge success, offering state of the art Search Engine Optimization, Social Media expertise, marketing strategies, blog set-up and services - and, best of all, an actual human voice on the other end of the phone to answer any questions or customer service requests.

At Web Gem Network, the mission is to maximize your success online by creating web and e-commerce solutions that are simple, effective and affordable.

eCommerce Made Simple!®